Take it as it comes.
*He chuckles "We'll come over. But Kaitlyn, can't you have at least a small glass of wine?" I look at you smiling* I thought you could.. -Niall xx

Yeah I’ll have a little bit *i say and I see it’s time to close * let me close up and clean up before we head to my house

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*He laughs "Yeah I will. I'm gonna get one for El and Noah too." He smiles and I nod* You and El should come over for a beer or two tonight. -Niall xx

*i pouted* I want beer *i say and I rub my belly* but yeah come over we an order Chinese food and the kids can play.

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*She shakes her head "No mummy, I Ally." I laugh and shake my head* -Niall xx

*i laugh and I smiled and I see Louis eating a cupcake* Louis you better be paying for that

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*I smile watching her and they laugh talking to her* She was out there making so many new friends and telling them everything she could. *I chuckle* -Niall xx

I bet *i smile* you’re such a chatterbox Allyson

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*She giggles and nods excitedly and I smile* She's having a lot of fun.. *She smiles seeing Zayn and Louis and holds her arms out for them* -Niall xx

*they both crouch down and hug her and she starts tell them how her mummy bakes good muffins*

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*I chuckle going over and opening the door and letting her in. I follow her inside and she runs over to you* -Niall xx

*i pick her up and I hold her on my hip* you like mummy’s bakery?

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*I smile watching her* You're so cute, Ally.. *She smiles and giggles nodding and I shake my head* -Niall xx

*i smiled as I cleaned up a bit more and ally bangs on the door pointing to me * “Mummy!”

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*Ally wiggles in my arms to get down and I sigh* Hold on, baby.. We're almost done, then we can go play.. *She whines and I sigh setting her down and she giggles and I sign one last thing before backing away to watch her* -Niall xx

*a lot of the fans were waving at her and calling her name so she waved back and giggled* “Hi!”

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Niall Horan heads to his seat at the Champion’s League soccer match between Atletico de Madrid and Chelsea held at Vicente Calderon Stadium in Madrid, Spain.(22/4/14)

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Soulless Sam was my favorite.

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  • what will they wear
  • what will their hair look like
  • how are they going to perform strong and happilly knowing it’s about each other
  • SOMETHING GREAT ?????????????????
  • HEADSCARVES???????????
  • ???????W
  • SOMETHING GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • will they INTERACT
  • you’re all I want so much it’s hurting”

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im so happy i was there for one direction’s prime 

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